6 Tips for the Perfect Home Fitness Room

Having a home fitness room is truly life-changing. Imagine: no more gym membership fees, no driving to the gym, or waiting to use your favorite piece of equipment. With a home fitness room, you can work out as much as you like (even while the kids sleep), in the privacy and cleanliness of your own home, with access to your own showers and washrooms. It means having 24-hour access to solutions that will give you and your family a solid foundation for a life of health and fitness.

how to make a home fitness room

Many home owners would love to have a fitness room, yet find the process overwhelming. The thought of developing a floor plan, deciding on equipment and figuring out logistics may seem daunting. Rest assured, help is available. And, with a little help, building your perfect home fitness room is much easier than you think.

Are you ready to enjoy the experience of building your perfect home gym?

6 simple steps to create a home gym

1. Trust the Experts Consult with a professional to find equipment that will meet your needs. A professional fitness consultant should be willing to come to your home, discuss your goals, recommend equipment, floorplans, and offer resources. That same fitness consultant will thoroughly explain his/her recommendations and work with you as a trusted advisor, not a salesperson.

Our Fitness Equipment Experts are professional fitness advisers. They're the best in the industry and they genuinely care about their clients. G&G will fit you with the right equipment, teach you how to use it, and be with you every step of the way. And, behind every purchase is our award winning in-house service team. You won't find that at a big-box store.

2. Stay Flexible Technology is always changing, and fitness equipment is too! Although you may be familiar with a certain brand or type of equipment, it’s important to stay open to new ideas. Talk openly with your fitness consultant about your workouts, health goals, previous injuries, etc. The machine you’ve always used at the fitness club may not be the best solution for your individual needs. Work with your consultant to find the perfect equipment. It will pay off in the long run.

Fitness Room Lighting3. Atmosphere, Lighting & Air Most people like to work out with music playing in the background. It is a good idea to build a sound system into the gym area. It is also important that the room has ample lighting and enough air passing through it. Of course, It is best to have natural light coming in through the doors or the windows. If there are no windows in the room, make sure to arrange for more lighting. Consider ventilation and bring in a few plants. You’ll want an ample supply of fresh air(oxygen) in your gym.

4. Give yourself some space When deciding on your floorplan, it’s important to leave some extra room between equipment. A professional consultant will be able to help you design a space that allows you to take advantage of all that your equipment offers, and give you room to grow in the future.

5. Professional Installation Moving in and installing your equipment is a task that is best left to the pros. Quality fitness equipment can weigh several hundred pounds. It also could be damaged if not assembled, moved and installed properly. Protect your investment by leaving the heavy work to the professionals

6. Plan for the future Even the best equipment will need maintenance and service from time to time. Protect your equipment by choosing a reputable retailer with their own dedicated service department. Consider purchasing an extended warranty and make sure to follow through with regular maintenance. When properly maintained, quality fitness equipment should give you many years of use, and will offer a higher trade-in value when you are ready to upgrade.

If you’re ready to take the next steps in building your home fitness room, contact the experts at G&G Fitness Equipment today to schedule a free in-home consultation, or stop into a G&G Fitness Equipment showroom and let us show you why we are the best specialty fitness equipment retailer in the northeast.

Contact us to learn more, or browse through our selection of home gym equipment to get started today.

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If you’re ready to take the next steps in your fitness journey, contact the experts at G&G Fitness Equipment today! Contact your local  G&G Fitness Equipment showroom and let us show you why we are the best specialty fitness equipment retailer in the northeast.


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    Greta James
  • I liked that you said that a professional consultant could help you design a space that would surely ensure that there would be some extra room between equipment. My husband and I are interested in having a fitness room installed before the year ends since we both love getting fit. We will be sure to hire a fitness room designer to make everything comfortable for us in our fitness room. https://roombldr.com/home-builders/

    Shammy Peterson
  • It’s great that you mentioned that it is good to build a sound system in the gym area. And it is also important that the room has ample lighting and enough air passing through it. My brother wants to take his home gym success into an actual bodybuilding gym, where people join and work out. I’ll share this with him since these tips can help with our business plan and designing of the place. Thanks! https://www.houseofpaingyms.com

    Levi Armstrong

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