G&G Fit-Pick: Inspire FT2

Inspire FT2

Brian Stauber from McMurray, Pennsylvania recommends Inspire FT2 Functional Strength System. The FT2 is one of our most versatile and popular strength pieces, and Brian does a fantastic job of explaining why.

“This home gym literally gives me everything I use at the gym in one machine,” Brian says. “It’s a functional trainer that has a built-in Smith machine. What Inspire does with this model is take the general mold of a cable-based functional trainer (with two pull points) and expand it by using a total of eight different pull points. Then, by incorporating the Smith bar, the user can still have a barbell style feel for numerous exercises. This system also saves on money and space, because you don’t even need to use free weights (or the tree to store them on) for the Smith bar, since it uses the weight stacks. All you need to do is move a cable on each side and the cartridges will act as your safeties when you adjust them! When I workout I like a lot of variety, and this unit accomplishes what I need it to. There’s so many ways to perform a single exercise that you will always be able to challenge yourself. Combine that with the assortment of cable attachments that come with the unit, and you will never have to go to the gym again!”

Brian continues, “Functional trainers as a whole are made for an exerciser to be able to perform many more compound movements than isolated movements.  Any exercise that's going to use cables is going to need an exerciser to use more muscle stabilization and core involvement to perform the movements.  Being able to exercise in all 3 planes of motion is essential. This becomes crucial for athletes to train as well as the common exerciser.  Most sports rely on explosive compound movements. An offensive lineman in football having to push the line back, a baseball or golf swing . . . these are all examples of movements that utilize numerous muscle groups at once that you can help refine by using the FT2. Another amazing feature of this unit is the safety it provides. There won't be any weight plates that could be dropped, and you also don't need a spotter for the Smith bar. That's very important for a home unit especially if there's younger users involved.  The unit is also much narrower than a standard Smith Machine because of the lack of weight horns that would add to the footprint. Sometime space is an issue in a room, and the FT2 helps you maximize the space. All these points make it simple: if you're in the market for a well-rounded, amazing strength piece that everyone can use and benefit from then the FT2 is the obvious choice.”

**Includes FT2 gym (silver only), bench, leg extension and conversion kit

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